About OVS
Leader in the Italian clothing market, OVS is today a reference point in fashion retail. Quality collections at competitive prices and a new interpretation of shopping based on continuous renewal.
We create, select and produce quality clothing in a responsible manner always at the right price. This is OVS. Market leader in the Italian clothing, OVS is now the reference point for the fashion retail.
Collections of quality, trendy and at the right price, and a new interpretation of shopping: constant renewal. The "styled in Italy" merges with international trends and makes also use of exclusive co-operations with great creative geniuses like Elio Fiorucci, Davide De Giglio and Ennio Capasa, the Costume National creator.
Products: Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Baby Accessories, Underwear, Shoes, Baby Angel, Grand & Hills, Rumford.
"Get handsome!" is the pay-off of GRAND & HILLS, a men's line designed in partnership with Davide De Giglio, which is inspired by the world of universities and elite colleges and the microcosm of sporting societies.
BABY ANGEL is a clothing and accessories line created for very young girls, designed by Elio Fiorucci exclusively for OVS.